Interview with Michael Moorcock

Jan 31, 20:56 by Bluejack

What do folks think of Michael Moorcock these days? He seemed a little mellower on the Tolkien point than he has in the past. Other thoughts?

(Mike Coombes' review is here.)
Jan 31, 23:09 by Mike Coombes
To me, Moorcock is still as vibrant as ever. I don't think his opinion of Tolkein has changed; far from it. But I think maybe he has more going on in his life than rehashing old opinions?

Also there was much that never made it into the final interview. Michael's very outspoken on all manner of subjects, and I think Tolkein now warrants a lower priority.
Jan 31, 23:13 by Bluejack
Yeah, I didn't mean to imply he's a big hobbit fan, now. :) But he used to take a positive pleasure in Tolkien bashing, and in your interview he seems to offer a sober and reasonable dismissal of Tolkien, speaking from his personal experience.

Do you think he's still interested in the genre at all, though? I wonder if he isn't moving beyond genre identification at this stage...
Jan 31, 23:37 by Terrie Relf
Yo Coombsie! How are you? I do so like this interview...He's an author I haven't read much of late, and so need to remedy that--thanks to you!
Feb 6, 04:51 by Mike Coombes
Hi Terrie! Nice to see you here!

I think Moorcock's moved on, insofar as he holds the same opinions, but he's said it all before too many times. I, on the other hand, still relish the opportunity to trash Tolkein.
Feb 6, 10:16 by Bluejack
Ah... I see...

Well, I can certainly understand trashing the big doorstop fantasy Tolkien ripoffs; and I can sort of understand the temptation to mock people who speak Elvish like it's their birth language; but I'm afraid I still think that Tolkien wrote something wonderful. Flawed, sure, but wonderful.

No less wonderful than the more recent works of Wolfe, Mieville, and Crowley, which are original, inventive, new, and important; just as Tolkien was in his day. It's too bad the uber-fans don't latch on to something more contempary. Oh wait. They have. For one blessed instant I forgot about Harry Potter.

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