The First Issue of 2005

Jan 31, 20:57 by Bluejack

Thoughts on the issue, past, future, let's have your wisdom!

(The editorial is here.)
Feb 3, 21:00 by Normand D. Paquin
In addition of its well researched articles, its international perspective and the variety of its content, there is something about IROSOF, which sets it apart from other SF & F e-magazines. There is a sense of inclusiveness in terms of its editorship and contributors which makes it welcoming to a wide variety of SF & F lovers. Long Live to IROSOF.
Feb 4, 00:41 by Bluejack
Thanks, Missi.

It *is* that something else that I think all of us are hoping to grow, and none of us could possibly define.
Feb 5, 08:26 by twosheds
Please don't speak apologetically of the $70 publication fee. Most other SF Web sites pay anywhere from $0 to $50. Believe me; you're ahead of the game.

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