New Editor-in-Chief

Jan 31, 22:31 by Bluejack

It's already been posted in enough other forums, but I would be remiss if I didn't put it in this topic as well:

We have a new Editor: Joy Ralph.

Feb 1, 12:34 by John Joseph Adams
Great! So tell us about the new EiC. What's her background, etc.?
Feb 2, 17:47 by Bluejack
I should say at the outset that actually choosing one person to be Editor-in-Chief was a very difficult process for us. There were literally dozens of qualified people who expressed interest. I wish there were some way to harness everyone's enthusiasm, but aside from encouraging people to write for IROSF, I think we have all the cooks in the kitchen we need right now.

As for the new Chef, Joy is a Pacific Northwest native who has been in love with Science Fiction since her childhood encounter with Stanley Weinbaum's A Martian Odyssey. Her editing credits include Dataphile, newsletter for the WWU Science Fiction and Fantasy Club, and an interminable number of government training materials. After collecting a couple of anthropology degrees, she relocated to Seattle to work for The Man, doing computer support. She says that her free time is spent "writing or indulging a fondness for things beginning with C, particularly coffee, cats, and computers."

I wouldn't look for any dramatic changes in IROSF in the near term, but we do hope that Joy will lead the magazine to ongoing, incremental improvement. I should also add that, while an Editor-in-Chief is quite simply a logistical necessity for a widely distributed editorial team such as we now have, it genuinely is a team effort. Working together without an editor for past couple of months wouldn't have been possible without that, and I think all the editors have some very strong ideas for enhancing and improving the magazine.

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