Server Upgrade Feb 3

Feb 2, 14:06 by Bluejack

Tomorrow afternoon (feb 3) I am going to be upgrading the server that runs the IROSF website. The trusty old P-133 has run like a charm, but we're getting low on disk space.

For those who want to geek out, the specs on the new server are:

CPU: AMD Athlon XP Barton / 2600/333
Motherboard: Chaintech 7VIF4
RAM: 1 GB Rosewill DDRAM
Drive: Maxtor Ultra ATA 80GB

Needless to say, this thing runs circles around the good old 133, who will continue in service for a few more weeks as our mailserver & dns server. Eventually, it will be used for experimental purposes only.

In any case, the point of this message is, if things seem a bit odd tomorrow afternoon, it's likely because I am doing things to the server. However, if everything goes as planned, the switchover will take about 30 seconds.

Feb 3, 16:56 by Bluejack
Well... the server upgrade is not quite complete. I am sure you're all on the edge of your seat, wondering what it will be like. lol. (In fact, there will be no difference from your perspective, the existing server is quite speedy enough; we are bandwidth restricted by our internet connection, if anything).

I got bogged down fine tuning some of the administrative scripts that parse server logs and so forth.
Feb 5, 16:08 by Bluejack
At last, as of 4:04 PM, PDT, the server upgrade for the webserver is complete. (Those of you wondering about email upgrades, that will be finished in an hour or so.)


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