New Features

Feb 9, 12:47 by Bluejack

Some features have been added!

* You can now choose how your name is displayed in the forums, use Your Account to set your display name.
* You can now use the contact form to contact our new editor directly.
* You can now add a public "bio" to display when someone clicks your name in the forums. (Also modifiable in the Your Account area.)
* A few bug fixes in the Your Account area.

There are a few other incremental improvements in the works, and then I'll send out a general notice to those who have "notify me about new features" turned on.

Please let me know if you see any problems arising from these changes.
Feb 21, 09:09 by Bluejack
New this weekend: a big upgrade to the archives. They're still not searchable, but at least particular articles are more findable!

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