What can you expect for a first novel?

Feb 10, 16:33 by Bluejack
Tobias Buckell posts some pretty interesting statistics on his blog. Some 74 possibly random authors filled out a survey and the results are interesting for those who might be thinking about trying to sell a novel.

At first blush, the most interesting -- although not necessarily surprising -- result is a confirmation that agents are worth their fees.
Jul 5, 07:45 by sarahtaylor0001@gmail.com
Sep 15, 19:39 by limosafe@yahoo.com
Expectations from first novels can be unprfedictable. Just the way you can expect any reaction by securing a new client on Fredericksburg VIP Limo, same applies to things that we necessarily have little or no authority upon.
Dec 8, 17:05 by molakajja@gmail.com
Feb 12, 12:02 by radpawwel@wp.pl
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