Short Fiction, March, 2005

Feb 28, 19:31 by Bluejack
Let's talk about short fiction!

(The original reviews are here.)
Mar 9, 07:23 by Abizer Nasir
I like the new summary table idea - makes it easy to dip in and remember the review. Useful, as I don't get my issues of F&SF in the UK till a couple of months after you do.

Not a whinge, just an observation.
Mar 9, 10:44 by Bluejack
Thanks, Abizer. I think I'll try to stick with this format for a while. Personally, I have a terrible memory... so being able to quickly reference a story and find a hook to dredge my recollection out of the murky depths of my own mind is useful to me, too.
Mar 19, 15:40 by ghostpost
can we make requestss? I gots a favorite magazine I'd ike to see reviewed.
Mar 19, 15:40 by ghostposts
Sorry. Dyslexia kicked in.
Mar 19, 15:57 by Bluejack
Whats the mag?
Mar 19, 18:01 by ghostposts
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. It's my favorite sci fi/fantasy. I can send you a few issues.
Mar 19, 19:20 by Bluejack
Oh, I review ASIM. Check older issues in the archives. I didn't have a copy in March to review, but I have one now. Review should appear in the April issue.
Mar 19, 21:15 by ghostposts
great! *rushes off to archives*
Mar 22, 10:14 by twosheds
Thanks for reviewing Black Gate; it's one of my favorites.

About "Shard of Glass," I think it was one of the best I've read so far on S.H. Maybe because it was a two parter, there was much more character and plot development. I wasn't put off by the ending at all.

I also read and liked "The Good Doctor" in RoF. It's creepy, but there's an element of truth in the story. Some people I met once worked in Bolivia for the Peace Corp. in the 80's. There was some sort of cult in the country-side whose members believed you could gain the abilities (strengths) of other people by drinking their blood. Evidently, there were a lot of German immigrants to Bolivia many years ago. When my friends were there, the bodies of blond-headed children, the descendants of the immigrants, started showing up drained of blood. Eek!

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