IROSF nominated for fake Hugo

Mar 11, 23:03 by Carey McGee
In James Patrick Kelly's latest "On the Net" column, he's advocating for more digital Hugos (that is awards for digital content, not awards that are themselves digital).

He's got his own categories and nominations, and IROSF made it as one of the "Best Opinion Sites." It's a bit out of date, since he mentions us being without an editor, but nice to get mentioned anyway...
Mar 12, 08:24 by Bluejack
It's nice to finally get a mention in Kelly's column. I've been watching that space for some time. I'm curious as to what the difference is between "Best NF" and "Best Opinion" is, but at least Kelly is up front about the grey area there.
Mar 12, 08:31 by Joy Ralph
Cool - I'll have to go take a look. I won't deny the occasional visions of Hugos dancing in my head... :)

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