April Short Fiction

Apr 4, 21:32 by Bluejack

As usual... a thread to discuss recent short fiction, Bluejack's article, or related topics.

The reviews are here.
Apr 5, 06:30 by Gordon Van Gelder
Cory and Catska Ench's illustration for "The Imago Sequence" was specifically created for the story.

Keep up the good work.

---Gordon V.G.
Apr 5, 09:31 by Brett Savory
There's a wonderful little alien story up at ChiZine, too. It's called "Alienation and Love in the Hebrew Alphabet" and can be read here: http://chizine.com/alienation.htm .
Apr 5, 19:06 by Ellen Datlow
Hey Bluejack,
Thanks for the reviews of our stories. Vonda and I would like to know what you felt was influenced by Cinderella? Neither of us can figure it out.
Apr 6, 05:16 by Richard Horton
The cover for the April/May <I>Asimov's</I> surely illustrates "Solidarity", don't you think? The woman seems to be Sula, and the alien is apparently the artists conception of one of the several species in the Praxis universe.

I really enjoy your reviews!

Rich Horton
Apr 6, 10:48 by Bluejack
Vonda and I would like to know what you felt was influenced by Cinderella? Neither of us can figure it out.

Good catch. I meant Sleeping Beauty, of course. I'll correct my review.
Apr 6, 10:55 by Bluejack
I expect you're right, Rich. It's so far from my mental image, I didn't make the connection. Thanks for the kind words.
Apr 6, 13:55 by Jed Hartman
Thanks as usual for the reviews!

I'm in a rush, but wanted to mention that Liz Williams's "La Malcontenta" is apparently set in the same universe as her novel Banner of Souls (though I haven't read that yet).
Apr 7, 07:07 by beverley hixon
Enjoy the reviews.

It's a while since I read it, but I think Bujold's Ethan of Athos may be set in a world that's tried to eliminate women. It doesn't work of course.
Apr 10, 05:25 by Christina Francine
As an avid reader of Speculative Fiction and a reviewer myself, your reviews are one of my favorites from 'IROSF.' When an issue first comes to my mailbox, it's the first thing I read.

Keep up the good work.

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