In the Night Room

Apr 4, 21:33 by Bluejack

Here's a thread for discussion of Peter Straub's book, or John Langan's review.

For the review itself, try here.
Apr 11, 12:42 by Peter Straub
I'm very happy that I stumbled upon John Langan's review of my latest book. It's smart, insightful, informed, and generous -- probably the best thing ever written about IN THE NIGHT ROOM.

Peter Straub
Apr 29, 21:27 by Pete Blackwell
Other than his co-authoring with Stephen King, I had not read Peter Straub before. "in the night room" was really weird, and I have read lots of horror stories.
When I was about 1/2 way through the book, after having a few Cuba Libras (rum & coke), I had a really wierd dream that was, sort of, connected to the story.

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