The April Issue

Apr 4, 21:45 by Bluejack

All comments on the April issue and/or Joy's editorial welcome. This is the place.

(Joy's editorial can be found here.)
Apr 5, 01:34 by susie hawes
Nice! It points out the elements needed for a good analysis.
Apr 5, 16:58 by Walt Gottesman
Wonderful definitions of review, critique and literary analysis in the third paragraph. Nothing middling about this opinion piece. Thanks Joy!
May 2, 12:00 by michaelmaelstrom

It is, to Opine, und so we submit, mein:

At first we expostulated to mein self, "self, this reads like some pedantic school marm trying to dumb down its lesson for the proletariat" [breath] "slash, look how street-hip I am, I can stream-think"

to which (mein) primary reaction is oft, "Yes Dear, good for you, but can you think-think?"

(read: when people dumb-down their speak the first time you encounter them, it can be discombobulating. It generally leaves one with the impression that they really are dunderheaded, or alternatively, that they believe they're more intelligent than they are)

..until (if ever) we get to the intellectual meat.

Thankfully, like The Desert Door to The Electric Monk (all praise Douglas Adams)..The Meat Is There. und So we forgive you your stylings.

All this to say, well said, it was a Ralph Joy reading your well-structured conclusion.

Looks like another stimulating issue of IRoSF to sink my things into.

Many Thanks for an, if not, the, SF Pub worth reading, contemplating und inhaling.

Michael Xavier Maelstrom
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Earth, Sometimes.

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