Links to Internet Fiction? (Site Suggestion)

Apr 15, 15:18 by Jeremiah Sturgill
Any possibility of adding a permanent page to the site & each masthead with links to internet genre sites with relevant content such as Lenox Ave, Fortean Bureau, Chizine, Strange Horizons, Scifiction, etc? Some of them might even be willing to reciprocate with linkage, but I think it would be a good service to IROSF readers regardless.

I'm sure most readers would know of them already, anyway, but the more interconnected genre websites are the better. It could only help the community, and wouldn't hurt IROSF any to implement.
Apr 16, 12:09 by Bluejack
Good idea. I'll look at it.
Jun 2, 11:49 by
Nice. That is really good idea!

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