tossing a few ideas out

Apr 23, 19:52 by Steven Kolins
The science of global warming and the science fiction.

A meaningful examination of spirituality and religion in scifi/fa as well as for each of the religions.

Going to the Moon and Mars - comparing the scifi stories and the reality.

The science and scifi of space elevators (which I read just recently got into business!)

The progress towards the technologies of scifi - holographic displays on nothing, human-computer interface, artificial intelligence, life in the universe, faster-than-light-anything,

Portrayals of terrorism before 9-11 in sci fi. I've read of a story where terrorists want to run a spaceship into the earth....

Milestones in the history of scifi (in terms of movies I think of 2001, Star Wars, Star Trek: Wrath, The Matrix while in books I think of Lensmen, Dune, Stanger in a Strange Land, Lord of the Rings, ?)


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