Loving the Saurian

May 2, 21:58 by Bluejack
Discussion of dinosaurs, or the perennial childhood fascination therewith, belongs here!

For Steven Utley's essay click here.
May 3, 09:20 by Kelly Robson
Birds have always seem dinosaurian to me too -- especially Canada geese, those huge, terrible birds. Oh, I have nothing against geese personally but they are so reptilian. Cold, fearless and nasty, they defy Disney-fication.

I am sure Canada geese remember ruling the planet.
May 3, 21:45 by Pete Blackwell
Shucks! No mention of "Jurassic Park" or "Dinotopia"? I found these great reading as well as pretty damn good movies. I think I also remember a YA novel by Robert A. Heinlein, "The Star Beast", somewhere back in ancient history. Although this was about an alien species befriended by a young boy, I believe it was based on a dinosaur (brontasaurus?).
I, too, have had a long fascination with dinosaurs (longer than Mr. Utley, as a matter of fact).
Criticism aside, it was a good article, Steven! =:)
May 11, 13:22 by Adrian Simmons
Wow. I had that very same Marx Toy Company dinosaur/caveman set. I thought there was at least one woman in it... wasn't she skinning a rabbit or something? Naturally, I lost my favorite dinosaur, the T-rex. He terrorizes cavemen now, only in my memories.

Later in life, when I got old enough to read and thus read dinosaur books, the T-Rex was ousted from first in my heart and replaced with its ancestor the Allosaurus. Mostly 'cause one of the books I had showed the T-rex as huge and brown, and the Allosaur was red with black stripes, AND it showed an allosaur taking down a brontosaurus- and tearing into it with all four feet. Cool.

May 13, 18:16 by susie hawes

"Fortunately, other dinosaurs were to be found no farther away than the neighborhood shopping center."

lol I'm glad it's not that easy. My daughter would have a stable filled with them. Of course, it might scare away the Jahova's Witnesses....
May 14, 17:20 by Steven Utley
ProGoblinAgenda, I have re-examined my Marx Toy Company cavefolk; the one skinning the rabbit is as flat-chested as the rest, so I must stand by my statement that, as far as Louis Marx was concerned, our prehistoric progenitors were exclusively male.
Aug 12, 17:36 by Doug Potter
You know, my first exposure to dinosaurs may have been in the newspaper comic strips. I vividly remember the first time I saw King Kong one afternoon after school, but I think Alley Oop preceeded that life-shaping experience by many years, back to pre-school days.

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