The Time Tunnel

Jun 6, 19:58 by Bluejack
Do you remember the Time Tunnel? Do you want to?

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Jun 8, 04:12 by Terry Gates-Grimwood
The Time Tunnel was appalling. it was boring and tedious and I hated it. I was a teenager when it came out and good riddance to it. I couldn’t work out why the characters' clothes never wore out, why they were never dirty...ah, rubbish. It seems typical that non-sf authors penned many of the episodes. Star Trek, however, is something totally different. For all its faults, it was a breath of fresh air, in fact it was astounding to us poor kids who had grown up with rubbish like the Tunnel and Voyage and Lost in Space (apart from the gorgeous Marta Kristen of course)and all the rest. Even Dr Who was pretty naff most of the time. At least Roddenberry tried to bring in sf authors to write scripts and apply some sort of sf principles to the series.
Jun 8, 06:48 by James Pfundstein
I was just learning how to read when _Time Tunnel_ came out and I remember watching a lot of episodes, although I don't remember much about them.

No doubt the show was terrible, but this was the golden age of really terrible television shows-- _Mr. Terrific_ and _Captain Nice_ spring to mind. ("Hey, kids! Use drugs to get SUPER-POWERS!") Next to them, _Time Tunnel_ looked pretty sophisticated, and _Star Trek_, which was genuinely good at times and relatively honest most of the time, was an oasis in the endless deserts of banality.


Jun 8, 08:11 by Mark Armstrong
I watched the Time Tunnel back in the mid eighties when it had a run on either BBC2 or Channel 4. I can't remember which but it was probably Channel 4 as it also ran Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea and the Land Of The Giants.

I watched them all religiously, loving them because they were labelled as science fiction and my young mind adored anything fantastic, no matter how outrageous the concept or how dire the acting. The child in me still fondly regards them, though I doubt I would get anything from them now.

So to recap - I read Asimov and Clarke and yet I enjoyed watching complete hokum from the bottom of the genre barrel!
Jun 8, 11:13 by Adrian Simmons
Wait a second. So The Tme Tunnel was bad, but wasn't it the precursor to Quantum Leap and that other 80s time traveling show? The one with the guy who blew his head off with a blank round, thinking that since it was a blank he could put it right up against his temple? Heck, what about Time Bandits, and the numerous amoking time that Star Trek used?

In fact, I can totally see the appeal to re-making a show like this. Time travel is fun, past events are interesting, and you can change settings weekly to keep things fresh. So it had low quality effects/scripts/whatever. Call it a rough draft for greater things.

Also, I'm a little confused as to why it would raise the SF community's hackles. I mean, outside of the tunnel itself, introduced in the first episode and then brought in when it was convenient, it really doesn't have much sf about it. Maybe when they go to the future, but overall not so much on the SF.
Jun 10, 07:43 by sean george
While the Time Tunnel may be a hypnotically bad show it holds a place in SciFi history. It is the spiritual predecessor to not only Quantum Leap but Sliders and even Stargate SG-1.

Jun 15, 20:39 by Lavie Tidhar
Oh man, I loved the Time Tunnel...

And, for that matter: Manimal, Automan, Airwolf, Alien Nation, The Man from Atlantis, ALF, Battle of the Planets, Battlestar Galactica, Inspector Gadget, The Tripods, Transformers, The Bionic Man, Wonder Woman, The Prisoner, The Highwayman, Ark 2... I realised I was just about to list Small Wonder (urgh!) so I better stop.

Bring back the 80s, I say.
Jun 20, 21:46 by travitt hamilton
Ark 2...kool. I used to love that too.
Jul 18, 20:03 by hachen chevalier
ah i remember it well. they went fro the titanic to krakatoa to pearl harbor on dec 7. it answerred the age old question "who wins a fight between a lone man with a machine gun and a squad of men in a bronze age suits of armor?"
tony and doug never averted a single historic tradgedy, and the show would allude to some cosmic impasse that prevented this. i remember thinking tony and doug always tried to intervene by telling people that they knew the future. this of course was dumb and not the best course of action. f'rinstance, 2 scientists can figure out a way to temporarily disable the tintanic. douse the furnaces with a nearby firehose for example. pearl harbor? set up a powerful telescope and someone could see the japanese planes at least 50 miles out. lincoln's assasination? set forbes theater on fire. why worry about going to jail for arson? the time tunnel will simply beam you out.
and btw, don didn't get excited as you say. he used the time tunnel because the project was about to be moth balled by some senator who was unhappy with the lack of progress.
Oct 24, 14:34 by
Nowadays, such situations occur, you have to get used to it.

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