WisCon 29

Jun 6, 19:59 by Bluejack
Been there? Done that? Wanna talk about it?

For Dotar Sojat's take on it, here's a link to the article.
Jun 6, 22:45 by Ide Cyan
"Oh yeah, I'm sure you're wondering what the crowd at a feminist SF/F convention is like. Don't try to kid me, you want to know if there were lesbians, don't you?"

Who exactly does he think his target audience is?
Jun 10, 15:15 by Allan Rosewarne
Idecyan welcome tanks for coming from Whileaway live journal http://www.livejournal.com/community/whileaway/ I frequently read the Whileaway community posts.

I've read Dotar Sojat's essay mor than once and I still cannot figure out if he likes going to Wiscon. I think the author does enjoy the convention, but he has a definite ambigous tone. BTW, he discusses the abundance of Buffy/Angel/Firefly panels like that would be a bad thing.

IMO, Wiscon is a great convention. Wiscon along with DragonCon are my favorite cons.
Jun 14, 17:58 by Allan Rosewarne
OK, another comment that occurs to me. I have a newsflsh for Dotar Sojat, SF conventions besides Wiscon have lesbians in attendance.

Attraction of WisCon, well who would be drawn to intelligent, lively and spirited ddiscussion of SFnal issues and topics? That does not sound like anything readers of IROSF would be interested in.
Aug 7, 09:21 by Janine Stinson
Conreps are reports of what one person perceives at an event, so are not able to be comprehensive. I would have preferred a less flippant tone in the article, but that's taste. <g> I was annoyed at the lesbian comment as well; I found it unnecessary, and I really could care less what a person's sexual orientation is when I'm at a con. I go to cons to talk SF and meet new friends and hear interesting discussions, which is my idea of fun at a con (and parties, too, but not a lot <g>). All this is by way of a reminder that there are more Wiscon 29 con reports available on the Web, for those interested in more perspectives. It was a good con, and I wish I could have stayed the whole time, but at least I was able to be there.

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