Gaia's Tactical Response

Jun 6, 20:02 by Bluejack
Will the world end in plague?

For Lisa Agnew's article, click here.
Oct 24, 16:47 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
While the dangers of religious extremism are clear, what is often overlooked are the coeval dangers of secular extremism. The message of hate and disgust of religion and belief that authors such as Richard Dawkins spread are as disruptive and harmful and anything coming from the religious right. And yet, these extreme views are applauded by the left and "free thinkers" across the globe. Any philosophy which espouses that there can only be one path to truth, freedom or salvation is by definition close minded, bigoted and intellectually dishonest.
But this is precisely what we are offered by Dawkins et al. Science is the only truth, science is the only freedom, science is our only salvation. It is perhaps then doubly ironic that science is beginning to discover that the religious experience itself may be a physiological operation of the human brain and consciousness.
While well written, I am not exactly sure what Ms. Agnew's essay has to do with science fiction, other than highjacking it as an excuse to rant against the religious right. Perhaps both Ms. Agnew and this magazine may have been better served by an examination of the religous implications of science fictional scenarios such as 28 Days Later, or the implications of the science fiction in this film upon religion in general.
In fact, I am not entirely sure what 28 Days Later has to do with her essay either. The science fiction in this film is limited to the first 10 minutes, and has no lasting impact on the either the plot or characters. At its core, 28 Days Later is simply Lord of the Flies with zombies. The social issues it examines are dealt with only cursorily and abandoned as soon as the next action scene comes along.
I did like 28 Days Later. I found it interesting, disturbing and enjoyable as zombie films go, but I find it difficult to assign any of the social relavence to the picture that Ms. Agnew seems to.
In the end, I am mystified, confused and bewildered by this essay. Perhaps I have entirely missed her point.

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