username, display name, real name, and email.

Jun 11, 20:48 by Bluejack

Now, my hunch is that most people just want to read the articles, and all the rest is just the usual web cruft you have to get past. Nonetheless, username, display name, etc. etc. are useful for the forums. I realize that only a tiny fraction of people who come to IROSF actually post in the forums.

Anyway... I am considering deprecating (ie., removing) the whole 'username' thing like so:

1) Login requires email & password, instead of 'username' and password. You probably remember your email better than you remember your username.

2) There is still the option of using a display name instead of a real name in the forums. "Display Name" can be anything, and would be available to authors to use for their pseudonym, or other canonical variant of their name. Real Name would remain -- although we don't do anything rigorous with it, so you are free to lie. Unless you are an author, because that's how we make the check out. You can still lie, but whether you can cash the check is on your own shoulders.

Anyway... that's the idea. Thoughts? Objections? Anyone care?
Jun 13, 10:09 by ghostposts
It would make it easier for those who come online to read.
Go with what works for you.

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