Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

Jul 4, 23:41 by IROSF
This thread open for discussion of Susanna Clarke's work.

Robert Urell's review is here.
Jul 22, 11:59 by v kayne
Robert Urell identified the fundamental flaw in Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell when he wrote: "There was only the constant plodding, the metronomic beat-beat-beat of a well-written but poorly wrought story that simply couldn’t commit to the joy of its central conceit." I slogged through it, although I found myself mildly interested in the hunt for Strange's wife after she disappeared (but that was about it). I'm not sorry I read it, but I certainly have not recommended it to anyone. I'm grateful to this reviewer for going against the tide -- and reassuring me that I am not alone.
Jul 25, 17:31 by Michael Fay
I found Jonanthan Strange and Mr. Norrell to be terribly boring. And there was little to recommend as characters either Strange or Norrell. Plodding is perhaps the best way to describe this novel. The overwrought praise it received from critics and reviewers seems strange and incomprehensible, in some ways.
Aug 1, 07:58 by Robert Urell
I appreciate the feedback on the review. For the most part I agree that the characters were imbued with a bit of a treacly sensibility that got cloying after a while, but I will say that the novel wasn't completely without merit. In my opinion, I think the surfeit of praise it received was due to several factors that weren't within the book itself, but within the agendas of certain commentators.
Jun 10, 13:58 by C neil
Oh thank goodness, I thought it was just me! It took me a few months to get through the first hundred pages or so...and, like The Historian, it seems to kind of go on and on, so much so that I've really lost interest. At least it's better written than The Historian, but I have to wonder, why the hype?

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