H.G. Wells

Jul 4, 23:45 by IROSF
This thread is open for discussion of H.G. Wells in the original!

Dave Creek's article is here.
Jul 5, 08:09 by Ross Hamilton
Nice article - I'm quite partial to a bit of HGW as War of the Worlds was one of my earliest introductions into science fiction.
Jul 9, 07:56 by Adrian Simmons
Good article. I read HGW's 'War of the Worlds', and have enjoyed the various movie incarnations. I notice that they all leave out the most disturbing aspect of the alien invasion. In the book they use poison gas on us. I've still got that image trapped in my mind- a wave of humanity driven from a burning city, canister after canister of poison gas fired at them, herding them out, and the walkers looming above it all, waving their heat-rays over the buildings and the people.

In many ways, I guess that would almost be too horrible of a scene to put to the screen.

And then, of course, there is the unpleasant fact that, through the poison gas, Wells predicted the chemical warfare of the first world war.


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