I Was a Pre-Teen Frankenstein

Jul 4, 23:46 by IROSF
Discussion of Steven Utley's new essay is invited here...

The article, however, can be found over here.
Jul 5, 19:42 by Stephen Dedman
I had a similar experience with 'Creature from the Black Lagoon'. Denied the chance to stay up and watch it when I was 10, I promptly started writing my first novel - about an expedition to the Amazon in search of an unknown species of reptilian monster.

Appropriately, my copy of the Frankenstein Legacy Collection arrived this week: highly recommended (I was out-bid at the last minute on the Creature collection, alas).
Jul 5, 22:12 by Bluejack
Thought I'd mention, fans of Utley's retrospectives, may also be interested in Howard Waldrop's series of retrospectives over at InfiniteMatrix -- I know the last one posted is from February, but I recently typeset another series which should come out this summer.
Jul 11, 00:03 by susie hawes
Thanks for that link. I'm a big fan of both gentlemen. It's nice to see this.
Jul 11, 14:42 by Steven Utley
For my account of another life-changing movie experience, check out "Confessions of a Cinemasochist" over at Bewildering Stories. Here (if I do it right) is a link: issue155/cinemasochist.html

(Hi, Susie.)

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