The July Issue

Jul 4, 23:51 by IROSF
This thread is open for discussion of the July issue, or Joy's editorial.

(You may want to check out the editorial here.
Jul 26, 07:42 by A.R. Yngve
The Editor wrote:

"How much victory is there in being assimilated by a culture or by conquerors, and how much defeat? How do you fight a war when Us is (or is becoming) Them?"

The assumption is that cultural assimilation "naturally" occurs by violent means.

Look: an alien visit, ANY alien visit, would alter and influence our culture and way of thinking -- without even trying. Imagine an alien visitor who lands and Does Absolutely Nothing. Humans would topple nations, upset religions, start wars, emulate the alien... simply in reaction to an alien presence which Does Absolutely Nothing.

I wrote a novel, ALIEN BEACH, in which something like that happens: without doing much at all, a small group of alien visitors trigger enormous change in human society, even war. (You can read the whole novel for free HERE.)

If daffodils invaded Earth, we would stomp them all out -- with a great deal of chest-thumping and flag-waving. Because we're primates, and that's what primates do.


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