Q: Why are there threads without messages in the default view?

Aug 1, 10:01 by Bluejack
A: Spammers seem to have discovered us. I can't believe they think this is worth their time, but if they keep it up I'll have to start looking at more sophisticated ways of blocking them. The easy one is to require registration for all posting, which I have been reluctant to do because I'd like people who are not subscribers to be able to ask questions and so forth.
Aug 1, 12:38 by Bluejack
And it's only getting worse... The IP address of record is a central american router, so that's not very helpful. I can cut off the IP, but I'm a little worried that this is a major proxy and I might be cutting off some substantial part of south america from the site...
Aug 1, 21:36 by Bluejack
I have gone ahead and instituted mandatory login.

I can go with ip-filtering as an alternative, but the login was a quicker fix for now. Thoughts welcome.

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