IROSF at CascadiaCon

Aug 25, 12:06 by Bluejack
Ahoy! Anyone going to CascadiaCon (NASFic)?

IROSF has a room for a Friday night party, more details pending! If you're coming to CascadiaCon, post here or drop me an email so I can let you know the details as they develop.
Aug 28, 22:31 by Bluejack
Gradually developing plans look like Friday Evening, 6-10 PM.

I know there will be many other exciting parties at Cascadia Con during those hours, including the SFWA party, Potlatch party in the Fan suite, etc. etc. Still, we do hope that if you're in town you'll come by for a visit!
Aug 29, 10:50 by Joseph Haines
Hey Bluejack,

Will be there and will drop in. Aeon Magazine is having a party also, though I'm not sure when that's going to be, so you should drop by there as well!
Aug 29, 11:28 by Bluejack
Great. We're going to need to print up a party map!
Sep 2, 09:01 by Bluejack
Still don't have the room number, the hotel can't tell me until later today. I'll try to post here and a couple other places when its up.

But I'll be putting some flyers around and handing out bookmarks, so if you're at CascadiaCon today, keep your eyes peeled. (Love that phrase. I always picture a vegetable peeler and... well...)

Sep 2, 13:50 by Bluejack
ROOM 1474 -- Fourth Floor of the Hilton -- Come by. Looks like we'll be open from 7-11, or later if the supplies hold out.
Sep 3, 09:47 by Bluejack
Thanks to all who came by! It was fun!
Aug 25, 12:38 by
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