The Manor by Scott Nicholson

Sep 5, 20:23 by IROSF
Thread for discussion of The Manor, Scott Nicholson, or J. G. Stinson's review.

The article is here.
Sep 6, 08:32 by Andrew Ty
I've never read any of Nicholson's fiction except for those on his Web site, but his essays on it, especially the ones on writing, make for great reading. I'm not surprised that this one got a good review as he seems someone who knows what he's doing (which doesn't automatically mean he's a good writer, but it can be a good indicator as it seems here).

The funny thing is that, as I was reading your review, I was wondering why you didn't mention his non-fiction study of haunted houses...until I realized I was thinking of a totally different author: Dale Bailey. Thank God I realized that before I embarrassed myself. Anyway, great review, detailed yet I feel like you didn't spoil anything.
Sep 7, 06:34 by Janine Stinson
Glad you liked the review, and hope you'll pick up some of Nicholson's novels, even if horror isn't up your alley.

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