FOOP! by Chris Genoa

Sep 5, 20:24 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of FOOP!, Chris Genoa, or Chris Przybyszewski's review.

The article is here.
Sep 7, 11:26 by Daniel Frettings
Strange...I thought this book was hilarious.
Sep 8, 13:25 by Laura Hartwell
"Why bother us with 300 pages to reiterate the same point?"

Maybe I missed something but I thought the point of Foop was to be funny? Personally, I do not need a writer to be making a point if he's keeping me laughing. When there are so few new funny books being published, 300 pages of new laughs is enough for me.
Sep 9, 11:25 by Karen Burnham
Twain’s Tom Sawyer needed to talk about his trips up and down the Mississippi River and how that freedom could not jive with slave Jim’s lack of freedom.

Just a total nitpick, but it's Huck Finn's story with Jim as opposed to Tom Sawyer's. No problem certainly, just a small thing.

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