Supremacy: A Laser Tag Memoir

Sep 5, 20:29 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of Jack Mangan's essay.

The article is here.
Sep 7, 10:33 by Adrian Simmons
Ah, memories of the geekiness of youth. Brought a smile to my eye.

Once, long ago, some friends and I played Axis and Allies for almost a solid weekend. Glory days!
Sep 15, 18:18 by Bluejack
Achtung! (Gesundheit)

We have updated Jack Mangan's essay with the revised, corrected copy that was *supposed* to be there at launch, but due to snafu's on our end (I blame it on the CascadiaCon party, and in particular on the Altarean wine) were not in place at the appropriate time.

Apologies to all, and most especially to Jack.
Sep 15, 23:39 by Jack Mangan
Oh, my career is ruined!!! Just kidding.

Thanks so much for posting the rewrite. No apology necessary; you've shown the utmost professionalism in dealing with this....

You guys at IROSF are a class act.
Nov 3, 15:37 by Yo Vinny

Wonderful article! I remember the time well and all the team and code names. Photon was such a huge part of my life that I made it the centerpiece of a documentary about laser tag. You can check out the trailer at

We still play Photon every once-in-a-while in Laurel, MD at XP LaserSport. ( Used to play it all the time but we finally realized that we had to use a newer system to stay in business.

But many of the people who play as "regulars" learned the game of laser tag and the comaraderie from Photon.

Hope you're well and thanks for the story.

Yo Vinny/Predator
=No Frills=
FailSafe, etc..
Nov 18, 16:08 by Jack Mangan
Thanks Vinny! I also received the e-mail from Paul "Smog". I played with the new equipment at xplasersport in MD back in January 2005, but I live in AZ now, so that's a bit of a trip just for Laser Tag. The guy there (Soulstar? Salsa?) mentioned you and a few other Kenilworth names, like Warmachine, Kreuger; said you made the occasional trip to Laurel. They said that they still have the old Photon pods, but only break them out for special occasions and if you request them ahead of time.

I've seen that laser tag video of yours at the site - nice job! I also still remember that original one you did - where you interviewed young, skinny versions of Gambler, Ares, and Luper. Any chance of putting that one online?

Thanks to you and your brother for the shout outs.

Jack Mangan
Apr 19, 22:21 by
howdy, your sites are better than average. I value your work.
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