Approaching Genre

Sep 5, 20:31 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of Jay and Ruth's latest column.

The article is here.
Sep 7, 03:36 by barry burns
Atwood has never denied she wrote speculative fiction, it is the term science fiction she has trouble with.
Sep 10, 10:19 by Dave Truesdale
"Fowler plays with the edges of expectation regarding race and species to slip in the non-naturalistic elements, in a manner subtle enough that, without the referential title, it would elude many readers."

I have never understood what the "non-naturalistic elements" were to this story. Since the article relies heavily on defining new words in support of a thesis designed (as I see it) to allow the inclusion of stories that are clearly not speculative fiction--in any common sense usage of the term--I think a close look at what these terms really mean might prove useful.

Here's a hypothetical: if "The Old Man and the Sea" was published in F&SF, would the readers' expectations of seeing this story in an SF magazine make this story SF (Speculative Fiction)? I'm just asking, as I'm not clear on some of the points the authors are trying to make.


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