Nebula Birthplace or Refiner's Fire

Sep 5, 20:33 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of the Clarion workshops, online critique groups, or Heidi Kneale's interviews with these several authors.

The article is here.
Sep 7, 10:30 by Adrian Simmons
An intriguing article. I think that discussions of workshops are incomplete without a nod to James Gunn's two-week writer's workshop at the University of Kansas:

Two weeks- just enough time to really get into the zone, but not so much that your life is out of whack for the next year. Nice university, nice town. I went in '03 and wanted to go in '04 and '05, but didn't make it. Actually, I did go to the concurrent writers' retreat in 2004 (check it out here:

Sep 9, 13:59 by William Shunn
It seems disingenuous for Robert Hoge to promote Clarion South with the claim of "a Nebula winner from the 2005 class!" Ellen Klages was indeed a Clarion South 2005 participant, but her recent Nebula win was for a novelette published in F&SF in May 2003. Clarion South didn't have much to do with that.
Sep 10, 09:46 by Bluejack
Hmmm. That's interesting... I don't think the two NA Clarions would accept a Nebula award winner as a student. A teacher, maybe.
Sep 10, 10:44 by William Shunn
She didn't win the Nebula until after she attended Clarion, but still. It was just a couple of months after.

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