September, 2005

Sep 5, 20:34 by IROSF
As always, let us know how we're doing, or what we should be doing better.
Sep 5, 22:55 by Bluejack
Not my day. Not my day at all...

For those of you who want the full story, here it is.

First, my own gaffe. I kicked off the email delivery mechanism *before* publishing the new issue. This means that emails will be going out, telling you of the new issue, but they will be picking up August's table of contents, not the newly published September.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't do it that way; but ordinarily it wouldn't be a problem either, as the first hundred names on the list are test accounts, and the emails are sent in staggered batches, so I can see the email in all its glory with time to react if there is a stupid typo or something.

However, at just this moment, in an act of dexterity never before seen or attempted, my cat leapt from desk down to computer, and thence to the floor, managing to snick off the power with his paw en route.

By the time I got my (slow, creaky windows machine rebooted), many emails had gone out, and I spent so much time trying to figure out the status of the mailing, I didn't realize they had the wrong table of contents. Disaster!

So, bleh. I entered my own apologies, complete with typo, and bleh. Thank goodness it's such a strong issue. It might make up a little for my incompetance.
Sep 7, 08:08 by Walt Gottesman
Joy & Bluejack,

Each of your messages is infused with concern for your readers. With them you extend yourself beyond the fictive into our lives (which is what good fiction should do anyway, right?). You're good people. Thanks for your wise words and for this and all previous issues of IROSF!

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