What's Up At IROSF?

Oct 3, 19:12 by Bluejack

Ahoy, just thought I'd let folks who might be looking for the October Issue know that we're running about a week late. Look for the next issue next Monday!

Nov 7, 17:19 by Bluejack
Well, here we are the first Monday of November and running late again. I'm afraid illness has taken its toll on several of our editors this season. I don't expect many people are exactly hanging on the reload button waiting for a new issue, but stability and reliability is an important part of a professional publication -- and clearly we're not quite there.

Perhaps that's part of our charm?

In the meantime, please send us your good thoughts as we struggle to get our act together.
Apr 12, 17:44 by Joseph Haines
Looking for the new issue . . .everything okay over here?
Apr 21, 03:48 by Beth Bernobich
No April issue? I do hope everything is okay...
Apr 24, 18:27 by Traci Morganfield
Just wanted to point out that something's funky with the font this issue, kind of thick and italic looking and a little annoying to read. Any chance of fixing it?
Apr 24, 18:36 by Bluejack
Thanks Traci... does it look better now? This is something that happens only in certain browsers when one of the titles in the mini-contents gets cut off before the cite tags are closed. What browser do you use? I need to remember to check the site there...
Apr 24, 21:06 by Traci Morganfield
Yes, looks good now. I use Internet Explorer 6 with whatever default settings it comes with (appearance wise, anyway.).
Dec 31, 07:00 by Omieno
Thanks guys for keeping us posted... Segere at Rosedale Tow Truck
Feb 14, 10:59 by kopeadamm@wp.pl
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