Conference with the Dead by Terry Lamsley

Nov 9, 22:32 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of Terry Lamsley, or Mario Guslandi's review.

The article is here.
Nov 9, 23:54 by Andrew Ty
I enjoyed reading this review, and the others that you have in various sites as well.

After having read three of the stories here in various annual anthologies ("Screens," "The Break," and "Walking the Dog"), I'm very much looking forward to receiving a copy of this book by the end of the year. It is unfortunately not the limited edition, and here's where a small correction comes in: "His Very Own Spatchen" has been published previously in an anthology called Taps and Sighs. I'm actually hoping to still (somehow) score a copy of that.

Anyway, great review!
Nov 10, 12:40 by Mario Guslandi
Thanks for your message. I'm glad you liked my review.
You're right about "Spatchen" and I should have known better since I did read (and still have) the "Taps and Sighs" anthology ! I've been misled by the cover notes of the current edition of "Conference of the dead" listing the story as "previously unpublished"...

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