Remembering Andre Norton

Nov 9, 22:35 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of Andre Norton, or Ross Hamilton's essay.

The article is here.
Nov 12, 10:31 by Denny Nelson
Just out of my own curiosity, how many of you can remember the first Science Fiction book you read, and who wrote it. Mine was Dark Piper by Ms. Norton.
Nov 14, 18:55 by Janine Stinson
_Moon of Three Rings_ by Andre Norton was one of the first SF novels I discovered in 8th grade. The other was Alfred Bester's _The Stars My Destination_. It was one heck of an introduction. :)
Nov 15, 17:38 by Jennifer Wilson
"Breed to Come" was one of the first novels I read when i started getting into sf, and I still reread it occasionally.
Nov 15, 18:11 by Bluejack
I honestly can't remember the first scifi book I read, but the first scifi book I can remember reading was a book about some people who lived underground and had forgotten that there was anything outside their world. Somehow the symbol for infinity was involved. They discovered the open earth, refreshed after a nuclear war thousands of years in the past. I don't remember title or author.

The earliest title/author I remember (I think ... putting them in order is a guessing game) is "Spaceling" by Doris Piserchia ... I must have read that when I was about 12. Certainly one of the earliest.
Nov 16, 06:27 by Denny Nelson
Sounds like The Survivors, by Marion Zimmer Bradly. A Sequel to Hunters of the Red Moon.
Nov 16, 10:06 by Adrian Simmons
I remember reading STARMAN'S SON back in the 9th grade. It had a good post-cataclysmic feel to it.

And I think that, back in 7th grade or so, I read BREED TO COME (if that was the one where certain types of animals have become intellegent and humans are no longer on earth (or are just coming back to it, maybe).

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