The November Issue

Nov 9, 22:40 by IROSF
General thoughts on this month's issue welcome!

The editorial is here.
Nov 9, 23:14 by Holly Benton
There's a typo/spelling error in the very first paragraph of your editorial, which you might want to fix quickly, since it's an essay touching on the professionalism of IROSF. *g*

"...and certainly not unheard of in the world of independant publishing..."
Nov 9, 23:18 by Bluejack
Thanks! Anyone else? Bring it on!
Nov 10, 07:48 by Sarah Prineas
Don't turn left at the crossroads. Keep going! I look forward to the reviews and commentary every month.
Nov 10, 19:36 by Walt Gottesman
There are several meanings that I associate with the word "professionalism," the most apt for IROSF being expertise. You are most definitely professionals, day or two late, no pay notwithstanding. There are too many magazines and newsletters, both on and off-line, that are published in a timely, perfectly proof-read way yet have little meaning in their content, no thoughtful entertainment. They lack what IROSF has. Thank you for putting out such an interesting, insightful, uniquely enjoyable read. Whatever you decide to do you can be proud of what you have accomplished so far. I once got a portentous fortune cookie that read: "You are at the crossroads. Great hopes will be realized." May it be true for IROSF too.
Nov 11, 08:08 by Sarah Edwards
I just want to chime in and say that I thoroughly enjoy coming and reading IROSF every month, and when I'm looking for thoughtful content on science fiction, this is one of the first places I think of. I hope Real Life allows the dedicated staff of IROSF to continue publishing every month.
Nov 14, 18:56 by Janine Stinson
In the description line for "Remembering Andre Norton" on the contents page, the word "eulogy" is misspelled. :)
Nov 15, 11:33 by Matt Leavitt
Fixed it, thanks! :)


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