Short Fiction, December 2005

Dec 9, 03:04 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of current short fiction.

The article is here.
Dec 14, 20:54 by Lois Tilton
As the new short fiction reviewer here, I've been getting some questions in email, so maybe it's time to post a semi-FAQ concerning the short fiction reviews.

Yes, I welcome materials for review. If it's online, feel free to send me the URL. If it's in print, email for the address to send physical paper things. If it saves me having to stand in line at the newstand, all the better.

No, I don't promise to review everything I receive. Nor do I promise to like it.

Anthologies? I think anthologies are probably best left for the book review section. There are enough periodicals out there to keep me and a few clones busy, without the addition of anthologies. I hope to see lots of anthology reviews here, but probably not from me, in this section.

Small press? I hope to review at least one small press publication in each column. Time won't permit me to do every issue of every zine, though.

Genre? This being the Internet Review of Science Fiction, I figure I should keep within the genre, at least wandering no further than fantasy. This generally means genre publications. It's unlikely that I'll be reviewing many pieces of SF appearing in non-genre publications, unless I find something really really interesting to say about them.

Dec 15, 08:35 by Bluejack
Thanks, Lois.

And, while this probably counts as public sausage making, I have some comped review subscriptions at the office that I will forwards to you.

Dec 16, 07:56 by Tony Lee

Will you be reviewing UK magazines?

(A review copy of current Premonitions was sent, last year, but I don't think Bluejack covered it.)
Dec 16, 09:34 by Lois Tilton
Yes, Interzone will be on my review list, and perhaps others.
Dec 28, 17:46 by twosheds

Greetings! In your introduction you mentioned that part of your review will be how well the story did what it intended to do. A lot of stories have themes and make use of the literary techniques like irony, allegory etc. But what if the story has no intensions other than to entertain? Would you look down on such a story as low-minded? Just a question. I'm not trying to be nasty or anything.

Dec 28, 18:33 by Lois Tilton
By no means.

I like to use the analogy of diving scores. There is a score for execution, multiplied by a factor for the degree of difficulty of each dive. A simple jackknife done perfectly may get a higher score than a double-triple reverse upsidedown death spiral, if the more complicated dive is done badly.

Likewise, a simple story, well-told, deserves praise for what it has done, not censure for failing to do what its author never intended. But it is even more important for a simple story to be well-told.
Dec 30, 15:51 by Scott Sandridge
From one Tangent reviewer to another, congratulations on your gig over here at IROSF.

Dec 30, 19:40 by Lois Tilton
Thanks, Scott!

I feel rather like Atlas, carrying the weight of all those stories on my head, by myself.
Dec 5, 20:21 by Titoso
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