Small Press Short Fiction

Dec 9, 03:05 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of small press short fiction.

The article is here.
Dec 9, 07:25 by Chris Cevasco

Thanks for the kind words about Paradox. And fear not; I certainly haven't forgotten about sending you the new issue. Although Issue 8 has been available for pre-order on the Paradox website for the past two weeks, it is not scheduled to begin shipping until the week of December 12 (I'm actually getting the print run back from the printer today). Anyway, I'll definitely be sending you a copy. And again, thank you. Your column will be missed, but I look forward to reading more reviews in Lois Tilton's new column.

Chris Cevasco
Dec 9, 11:12 by Michael Gallant

Thanks for the review of Quantum Muse. Feel free to send us more stories if you want.

Glad to have found this site. Nice job on the reviews.

Dec 10, 19:59 by Sarah Edwards

Thanks for the small-press review. With so many small press mags out there, I look to other people (like you!) to tell me which ones I simply have to find and read. I've very much enjoyed and appreciated your thoughtful reviews, and wish you luck on your editorial adventures. :)

Dec 10, 22:35 by Jim Van Pelt
Hey, Bluejack. So you've made the jump! It looks like you've left the reviews in good hands.

By the way, although no one seems to mention it much about Talebones (one of my favorite magazines), not only are the stories consistently entertaining, but Patrick Swenson always finds outstanding cover art. The cover you showed in the review, for example, is creepy, dark, a bit funny and oddly appropriate all at the same time.

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