The Bare Necessities

Dec 9, 03:07 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of Daniel M. Kimmel's essay.

The article is here.
Dec 9, 14:11 by Adrian Simmons
Excellent essay. I saw this movie back in 83 during the summer of 'unintentionaly awesome movies'. It shared small screen time (black and white screen time, I might add) with 'Treasure of the Sierre Madre' and 'El Cid', and others whose names I've totally forgotten.

Although the movie was obviously old, it wasn't BAD like a lot of old sci-fi flicks... in fact it seemed to be pretty grown up. The problems seemed overwhelming, and the solutions plausable.

I also remember that when he watches the tape about how to find water, the lecturer starts things off by pouring himself a glass of water- and it drove Kit crazy to have to watch it, over and over, as he tried to figure out what to do.

And don't the alien slavers kill their slaves after they are done working, and 'Friday' is the only one to escape?
Dec 15, 13:47 by Daniel M. Kimmel
Thanks for the kind words. This is my second piece for IROSF, and I hope to contribute from time to time spotlighting older films.


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