Auld Lang SF

Dec 9, 03:08 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of New Year's Science Fiction. Add to MaryAnn's list? Dispute it?

The article is here.
Dec 17, 09:24 by Michael Andre-Driussi
Good article. I myself rank "Strange Days" above "Until the End of the World," but maybe that's just because I have a Wm. Hurt allergy!

Here's a plug for a science fiction movie that many probably missed: "Primer" (2004). Available on Netflix, this is a low-budget (fact), high quality (opinion), time travel tale. It has qualities of a great Philip K. Dick story. Seventy-seven minutes long. (Pronounced "prIm3r" by the writer/director/actor, like the coat of paint, rather than "prihm3r," like the schoolbook. FWIW.)

It almost kind of fits into the holiday mode of the article, too! That is to say, it starts off in the holiday season, and while most of the story happens a few months later, still there's a very "New Year's Eve" feel to it all: regrets over the past, New Year's Resolutions, and stuff like that.

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