Robert Sawyer

Dec 9, 03:09 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of Robert Sawyer, or James Palmer's interview with the Hugo Award winner.

The article is here.
Dec 9, 10:35 by Ryan Oakley
Excellent interview.
Dec 9, 11:44 by Mike Manzer
Wow. I wasn't really familiar with Sawyer's work going into this. It sounds really intriguing. He made a lot of interesting points on a lot of topics. SF vs. Fantasy, for example. I read a lot of both and he's right, there really does seem to be an erosion of SF in Fantasy's favor sometimes. Maybe SF does need it's own award or two, specifically for SF and not Fantasy.

On the other hand, I also really love stories that fall into the borders between SF and Fantasy (take Harrison's _Light_, for example, one of my favorite books in recent memory. It was published as SF, and I would say it is, but has nothing much to do with actual scientific fact or anyting and could easily be seen as Fantasy) and I hate to make clear dividers between them.

Anyway, interesting stuff.
Dec 9, 21:01 by Jim Van Pelt
James, great interview. Robert Sawyer is one of my favorite people in science fiction. He's always been more than kind and generous with advice. One night at WorldCon when it was in Australia in '99, I went outside to look at the sky. I'd never seen it in the southern hemisphere, and I was particularly interested in finding the Southern Cross, but the sky was completely unfamiliar, and I had no idea where to be looking (or what, exactly, I should be looking for). Robert Sawyer wandered by and asked what I was doing. It must have looked peculiar, me standing there staring stupidly up. He not only showed me the Southern Cross, but he pointed out several other prominant features I couldn't see in America.

It's one of my fondest convention memories.
Dec 10, 13:03 by James Palmer
That's a great story, Jim. Rob is such a fountain of information, as I found out conducting the interview. Talking to him is one of my fondest convention memories. I'm really glad you liked the interview.

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