January's Issue

Jan 9, 21:46 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of January's issue of the Internet Review of Science Fiction.

The article is here.
Jan 10, 02:25 by Christina Francine
I'll miss your comments in the Short Fiction section of IRSF, but think you'll make a fine Editor-in-Cheif. Enjoyed your comments in this first new year's issue. Good job!
Jan 10, 10:15 by twosheds
I think you're doing everything right (love letter).

(official champion of SF/F)
Jan 16, 14:54 by Alaya Johnson
I'll also miss your reviews, Bluejack, but I love IROSF. I hope this place lasts for a long time to come.

Jan 19, 06:49 by Dario Ciriello
I've enjoyed IROSF since the beginning. It's always interesting and highly readable. I'd say go for the fund-drive system rather than paid subs, and implement at least one of your most ambitious schemes. And if you're going to have a forum, PLEASE make it a moderated one.

Good luck!
Feb 7, 19:51 by Dan Goodman
LOCUS wasn't professional at the beginning, or for some time thereafter.
Feb 8, 09:32 by Bluejack
Well, this forum is lightly moderated, Dario... if anything heinous comes to our attention, we'll kill it.

Nice to know our "professionality" curve isn't unprecedented, dsgood!
Jul 9, 19:49 by Elizabeth Thomas
I would be willing to pay a subscription (for the record). I signed on with the understanding that about two years ago I would be paying a subscription. So feel free to make me pay one. :)

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