Philip K. Dick Award Nominees

Jan 10, 08:03 by Bluejack
The wonderful thing about award nominations is that it gives you some ideas for exciting new stuff to read...

Locus Online reports that the nominees for the 2006 Philip K. Dick award have now been announced. (The official Philip K. Dick Award site remains curiously silent on the matter.)

* Cagebird, Karin Lowachee (Warner Aspect)
* Cowl, Neal Asher (Tor)
* Natural History, Justina Robson (Bantam Spectra)
* Silver Screen, Justina Robson (Pyr)
* To Crush the Moon, Wil McCarthy (Bantam Spectra)
* War Surf, M. M. Buckner (Ace)

The Philip K. Dick award is specifically for best paperback original.

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