BSFA Awards Nominees

Jan 16, 12:15 by Bluejack
The British Science Fiction Association Award nominees are posted here, and it's a rather long list!

Although the lists are long, the actual list of categories is refreshingly simple: Novel, Short Story, Artwork, Non fiction.
Jan 16, 19:34 by Matt Leavitt
Thanks for this link. Funny, but I think I've only read two BSFA novel winners (Timescape, Benford, '80; and Rendezvous with Rama, Clarke, '73), and I'm in the middle of Red Mars (Robinson) right now, the winner in '92, which is excellent so far -- never got around to reading this particular "Mars" series, so I figured it's about time. <grin>

However, the John Meaney, Resolution, nomination this year is, I'm sure, well deserved. I've read the first two books in his Nulapeiron series and they are fantastic. I'm just waiting for Resolution to be printed in the US...should be around October, I believe. Can't wait. :)

Jun 20, 16:19 by
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