Beware the Drop Bears

Feb 9, 13:56 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of Australian spec fic, or Heidi Kneale's take on it.

The article is here.
Feb 9, 15:48 by Steven Cavanagh
CSFG publishing, who produced Encounters, are about to release their next anthology, which appears to typify what the article said about the Australian perspective. It's called Outcast:

Flash trailer is HERE, and it can be preordered HERE.

It has a few Australian big names. Whether it is a "barometer of Australian talent" remains to be seen...
Feb 9, 19:22 by Gregory Benford
Surely Oz sf has a flavor, especially because of its remarkably astute criticism. They're remarkably insightful at sf analysis, and Egan especially is a genius. (Alas, he seems to be using his time on politics lately.) Russell Blackford is one of my faves, too. They shall be even more influential in future.
Gregory Benford
Feb 9, 22:43 by Karen Miller
Interesting article, with many good points to be made. I think it would've been useful, though, not to focus so heavily on short fiction and include a look at the success of Australian spec fic novelists on the international stage. Trudi Canavan, Jennifer Fallon, Fiona McIntosh, Ian Irvine and Glenda Larke have made significant impacts on the hard to impress US/UK markets. While not perhaps using uniquely Australian tropes in their writing, just the fact that they are Australian infuses the writing.

Also of interest is Tony Shillitoe, another Australian fantasy novelist, whose latest release 'Dreaming of Amber' features Australian wildlife in a non-Australian fantasy setting.

Karen Miller
Feb 10, 14:22 by Nicole Murphy
I found it interesting that she mentioned Sean Williams as someone with international success that is not overtly Australian. To me, the setting of The Books of the Change is uniquely Australian, I recognised it almost immediately as the land that I love.

As who you are and how you write is affected by where you live, I think that it's to be expected that Australian authors will have a different take on the world than those in the northern hemisphere. And dare I say it, as Australia becomes more and more confident and willing to stand proud as a nation, that is going to increase. It will be interesting to see what the primary students of today will be writing in twenty or thirty years.

As a member of the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild and involved in the publishing of Encounters, as well as being editor of the next anthology The Outcast, I have to say that I'm extremely proud to be involved with the anthologies. There are very few anthologies which by themselves can be used to judge the current status of a writing community (Year's Best Of's and Rob Gerrand's The Best of Australian Science Fiction being examples) and when we are producing our anthologies, we don't intend that to be the case. We want to showcase some good writing, help nuture and support talent and give readers something they'll enjoy. In The Outcast, we have a good mix of experienced and new writers, and I am proud of the efforts and result of every single one of them. I have no qualms about putting their work out into the world because I am confident that while there will inevitably be some who don't like it (as seems to be the case in the Strange Horizons review of Encounters), they will be far outnumbered by the people who enjoy it, as there was with Encounters.

Nicole R Murphy

Feb 10, 17:01 by Bluejack

Another author I don't hear mentioned much (and probably it's for the best)is Sara Douglass. When I picked up the first volume of her fantasy sequence, I did so purely because she was billed as Australian, and I was really interested in what an Australian fantasy series would be like. As you can imagine, I was profoundly disappointed to find that it was just another riff on the same old northern European stuff.

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