Bull in a China Shop

Feb 9, 13:57 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of Wu Yan, Lavie's interview, or Chinese Spec Fic.

The article is here.
Feb 9, 15:26 by Bruce Sterling
This is great. I want more.
Feb 9, 16:58 by Bluejack
Yeah, it's fascinating stuff, Bruce.

Hey, we'd love to see something by you in these pages some day, man.
Feb 13, 08:10 by Adrian Simmons
This was fascinating. And, at times, very, very scary.

Feb 13, 21:14 by Normand D. Paquin
Thanks to IROSF for for this wonderful and mind opening introduction to China SF article by Lavie Tidhar "A Bull in a China Shop on the Moon" based on an interview with Wu Yan. Among IROSF's best vintage.
Feb 20, 12:11 by backspaced backspaced
Great Work.

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