Deceased: Octavia Butler (1947 - 2006)

Feb 26, 14:19 by Bluejack

While at Potlatch 15, the news came in that Octavia Butler died last night or this morning. Exact details are a little sketchy, but there was a stroke involved, possibly a fall, and death at the hospital where they failed to revive her.

I'll post links to more information and obituaries as they come out.

I think everyone knows the importance of Octavia Butler on this field.
Feb 26, 21:27 by Scott Sandridge
Oh man. We're gonna' miss her a lot.
Feb 27, 00:38 by Bluejack
Seattle times obituary is online
Feb 27, 12:18 by Bluejack
Steven Barnes has some thoughts in his blog, and the Seattle Post Intelligencer has a much better obituary than the previous link from the Seattle Times.

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