A Feast for Crows

Mar 13, 15:34 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of the new installment in George R.R.'s series.

Stephanie Dray's review is here.
Aug 10, 07:42 by Doug Potter
"A Feast for Crows sometimes reads as if it were merely marking time."
This line in Stephanie Dray's review reminded me of the book that ended my reading of Philip Jose Farmer. Up until "The Fabulous Riverboat" I had been a ravenous consumer of the writer I had discovered only a few years before. Fortunately for me he had written quite a lot before I discovered him for myself and I trolled the used bookstores, buying everything with his name on it.
Then my reading caught up with the present day and "The Fabulous Riverboat", which read like a huge, fat chapter in the middle of a book. It had the beginning in "Riverworld" but, after several hundred pages, no ending. What ended was the romance with Farmer's work.
Aug 10, 09:44 by Bluejack
I hope that's not true of George R.R.'s work -- I had a pretty similar reaction to Dray, but while it irritated me, it did not actually turn me off completely: some of the threads through the novel were compelling, enough to keep me going, and some of the threads were left entirely for the next novel. And some of *those* characters are my favorite ones.

But if the next one falls flat, I may, in dismay, conclude that he has gone the way of Robert Jordan.
Sep 12, 14:38 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
I couldn't agree more with almost all of the reviewer's criticism. A Feast For Crows was disappointing. Not because of any flaw in storytelling or his writing ability, but simply because we are offered only half the story. Reading it was akin to ordering a gourmet meal and recieving only the appetizer.
My only other complaint is the loss of the wonderful cover art of the trade paperback editions. I understand the publishers wanting to regularize the hard cover dust jacket art with the new mass market covers. These covers are anything but striking (unlike the trades'). So in effect, we have been served an appetizer covered in clingwrap.

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