Kirinyaga and Beyond

Mar 13, 15:37 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of Mike Resnick's Kirinyaga, or John Rosenman's discussion.

The article is here.
Mar 14, 07:03 by Lois Tilton
It was interesting to revisit Kirinyaga, which seems even more timely in some ways today.
Mar 29, 12:43 by Dotar Sojat
I met Mike Resnick at FenCon in Dallas. Seemed to be a good guy, and KIRINYAGA sounded really keen. I did not, unfortunatly, pick up a copy of the book, but this article has spurred me to find it.

Mar 30, 07:19 by Lois Tilton
I've never read the novel version, I wonder how much it was revised. Ought to pick it up.


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