Sunday at Boskone

Mar 13, 15:38 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of Boskone.

Kate Nepveu's report is here.
Mar 14, 12:14 by A.R. Yngve
Argh! These ENDLESS debates on the "literary status" of SF... if I had a nickel for every time someone dragged out that old horse from the glue factory, I'd be rich.

W-h-o... c-a-r-e-s...? If you want to write "literary" SF, then do that. If you want to write "entertaining" SF, then do that. YOU CAN WRITE WHATEVER YOU EFFING WANT! That's called "creativity".

Do critics hand out permits to writers? "Culture Inspector! Show me Your Literature Permit, sir, or step off the Culture Bus."

I need the approval of the NY Times Review of Books like I need a second appendectomy.

And if there is a hidden agenda at work in these debates, such as: "SF writers need critical acceptance to sell more books", then I assure you this is a delusion. J.K.Rowling's success had nothing to do with critical approval.

Mar 14, 16:39 by Kestrell Verlager
A Boskone audience member asked me for specifics in regard to my statement that my earliest experiences with audiobooks resulted in my reading things I wouldn't normally read. I was at a loss at the time, but about a day later, the response came to me, and it's been driving me crazy, so I'm going to get it off my chest here. The answer is:
Star Trek novels.

There, it's out.Thank you, and thanks for the great report, I intend on writing some more on this topic soon, since the panel gave me more to think about in regard to audiobooks.
Mar 21, 04:59 by James Kelly
Excellent report on the lit panel, Kate! And the reason why this panel gets done over and over is that it's inevitable that there be spillover from how the world perceives us to how we perceive ourselves. Protesting that it's only the story that matters and not how it is received ignores a fundamental human (and we skiffy writers are human, more or less) impulse: we want the children of our hearts to be loved and appreciated by the world.

Jim Kelly

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