Octavia Butler

Mar 13, 15:41 by IROSF
Thread for the discussion of Octavia Butler.

Stephen Barnes' remembrance is here.
Mar 13, 16:50 by N. K. Jemisin
This is beautifully done, Stephen.

Octavia is also survived by several hundred spiritual children, if not several thousand. Every SF writer of color that I know has drawn inspiration from her, along with every white SF writer who is now just a little more willing to write black or poor or otherwise little-seen-in-SF characters. Not all of us will succeed, but most of us would never have even tried without her example. She is deeply missed.
Mar 13, 19:54 by Amy Harlib
Ripped from us so untimely - Octavia was an irreplaceable talent whose work enriched us all. We are all the poorer for her passing.
I mourn her as if I lost a femily member.
Mar 14, 00:34 by Stephen Maire
A great writer of wonderful stories; a loss for us all.
Mar 14, 01:32 by Kai Bosse
She is even known in Germany (Berlin, anyway) - we just discussed her the other day in an SF reading group focussing on gender. Such an original writer! A great loss!
Mar 14, 08:33 by Daniel M. Kimmel
I met Octavia Butler -- all too briefly -- when she was a GoH at ReaderCon. I attend the con intermittently. I made a point to be there to meet her.

What struck me most was that she was warm, approachable, and *funny*. She didn't tell jokes and I can't quote any memorable quips, but her rich, powerful books can sometimes be quite depressing. It was a pleasure to find the woman behind the words to be someone who seemed genuinely pleased to interact with her readers.

There's a famous Hollywood story I often cite in instances like this. Billy Wilder and William Wyler were coming back from the great Ernst Lubitsch's funeral, and one said with a sigh, "No more Lubitsch." The other replied, "Even worse: no more Lubitsch films."

No more Octavia Butler books. What a loss for us all.
Mar 15, 13:45 by b. lynch black
i saw Octavia Butler once at an I-Con. i longed to go up and speak with her but didn't have the nerve. my color is white -- and her books had a profound effect my ideas of writing and what makes for a good and interesting story. i remember wanting to weep when i read that she had won the MacArthur Grant and was so happy because she could finally get a decent, working car. that a person of so much talent, so much creativity -- of whatever color or gender -- could have put out so much work and had so little reward is a telling and damning mark on the american system of education and culture.
Mar 17, 10:14 by Bluejack
It's a shame you didn't; I never knew Octavia personally, but met her a few times at various local functions, and she was absolutely and utterly sweet. She never made me feel "white."
Mar 21, 09:07 by Dario Ciriello
Steven, that was a wonderful remembrance - thank you.

I met Octavia briefly at Clarion West 2002, when she was kind enough to come and spend a couple of hours talking to us. My impression of her was very much as you described, immense power and intelligence held under tight control, and yet there was something very gentle about her, vastly human.

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