Houston, Houston Do you read?

Apr 15, 21:57 by Allan Rosewarne
I think the short story "Houston, Houston do you read?" by James Tiptree Jr. would make a good subject for an essay. For example, when I first read it for a community college course, the pervailing read of the text was that the three rescued astronauts were definitely not returning to earth with their rescuers. However, more recently reading the story with a Chicago reading group, http://commuity.livejournal.com/think_galactic, that particular reading was not acknowledged. Furthermore, several fans have told me the story lost any authenticity it had, when it was revealed that James Tiptree Jr. was a pen-name for Alice Hastings.
Apr 27, 07:21 by Janine Stinson
Those fans haven't done their homework. Tiptree's legal name was Alice Hastings Bradley Sheldon (who also wrote as Raccoona Sheldon)[p. 1230 of _The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction_ (Clute and Nicholls, 1995)].

Feb 14, 09:22 by jeannecarlson@outlook.com
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Mar 12, 10:28 by daisyfaith18@gmail.com
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